Our English Tracts

The Next Great Event


This is the first tract printed by this ministry. The imminent return of Jesus Christ is the Blessed Hope of believers, but to the unbeliever it is a dire warning.


Know Your Rights!


This tract expounds upon our God-given rights taken directly from the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. It is especially good to use for patriotic observances and events.


The Most Familiar Verse Of All


No other verse is more familiar than John 3:16. There is enough truth in this one verse to show someone how to be saved, enough love demonstrated to change their heart, and enough warning to make it clear what is at stake.


What Is The Gospel?


Most people have heard the word used but few know what it means. The word gospel means "good news" and no other phrase best describes our message to a world who needs hope.


The Coming Plagues


With the present threat of Coronavirus (Covid 19) and EBOLA only a few years ago, there is an increased interest in these last days on the coming plagues.


The Price Of Freedom


Another great tract with a patriotic theme, which points out, not only the price that our forefathers paid for our freedom in America, but the even greater price that was paid by God for our spiritual freedom in Christ.


What Is The Most Important Thing In The World?


With the pervasiveness of moral relativism, truth is becoming harder and harder to find. There are absolute truths and this tract shines the light on several of them.


Which Way?


The Bible tells us that there is a broad way which leads to destruction, and the majority of people are following this way. This tract points the reader to the narrow way which leads to life.


The Romans' Map To Heaven


The book of Romans has often been described as a road map to heaven. A favorite tract of many for years, it is easily the most simple, and to the point, plan of salvation ever used.


The Water Of Life


Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well in John chapter 4, is a wonderful example of salvation for us to follow, when presenting the Gospel of Christ to an unbeliever.


Where Are You Going?


This is a very thorough tract which provokes the reader to ask themselves this question, "Where are you going when you die?".


Saved, Sure & Serving (New Christians)


This is the only tract we print which was written for new Christians. These first principles are essential to the growth of any new believer in their relationship with the Lord.


The Love Of God


With so many counterfeits of love present in the world, the reader is shown from Scripture, what true love is and where it originated. The Love of God is a reminder that He paid the ultimate price for us because of His love.


What Are You Afraid Of?


In a world where people pride themselves on having no fear of anything, they also have no fear of God. This tract points out some things that they should fear.


Jesus Is Wonderful


The birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the focal points of this tract in presenting Him as Savior of the world. The empty tomb depicted on the front makes this an excellent tract at Easter time.


If There Is A God, Why Doesn’t He Prove It?


We are surrounded by the evidence of God's existence and the ways He has chosen to reveal Himself to mankind. Various aspects of science are addressed, making this tract a challenge to the evolutionist and humanist.


It Is Finished


Religion teaches man that he must earn God's favor, either through his own morality or good works. In reality, God has already performed the only work capable of redeeming mankind, and His work is finished!


The Best Gift In Life


Only biblical Christianity offers salvation to mankind as a gift of Gods grace, separating it from all other world religions. Any other gifts we receive in this life pale in comparison to the gift of God's Son.


Is Hell A Real Place?


While many trust Christ after being presented with the love of God, others respond more to the fear of hell. Liberalism has attempted to diminish it, but hell is real, and we must warn people of this awful place.


First Responder


This tract is designed to reach those who are the first to respond when we have an emergency. It expresses our great love and appreciation for them but also tells them the truth!


From Tragedy To Triumph (Prison)


This is the personal testimony of a man who was saved while serving a life sentence in prison for killing his wife.


Are You Prepared To Die? (Military)


This tract is written to try and reach our military servicemen and women. They put their lives in danger to protect our freedom yet, so many are unprepared to face eternity.


You Can Have A Wonderful Christmas


With everyone in the holiday spirit, the Christmas season is a wonderful time to hand out tracts. Christmas is so much more wonderful when we have a personal relationship with the One whose birth we celebrate.


Consider Suicide?


Every 40 seconds someone in the world will die from suicide. They all have one thing in common and that is that they believe there is no hope. This tract offers them real hope for tomorrow and eternity.


The Only Cure (Alcohol)


The medical community would have us believe that alcoholism is a disease that can never be cured, only controlled. Those enslaved by it need to know that there is a cure and that it is only found in Jesus Christ.


What Will It Take To Make Yours A Merry Christmas?


While many enjoy this time of year, for others it is a time of depression. They have no families to spend the Christmas season with, no money to buy gifts, and no friends to buy them for. Let them know there are good reasons to have a Merry Christmas.


The Cost Of Getting High (Drugs)


Drug addiction is rampant throughout the world. So many use drugs but never give a thought to the enormous cost of getting high. Not only does it cost them their money, but also their health, their families, their freedom, and ultimately their soul.


Where Is The Evidence That The Bible Is The Word Of God?


Scripture is the most important pat of any tract because it is the Word of God, and has the power to impart saving faith. But what if the reader does not believe it is God's Word? Then this tract is for them!


Your Life Can Have A New Beginning


Anyone can have a new beginning if they will allow God to do His work in their life. Many people in the Bible did just that and five of them are referenced in this tract.


What Must I Do To Have Eternal Life?


This tract examines the account of the rich young ruler found in Matthew chapter 19. Like him, many allow their love for things to stand in the way of their own salvation.


The Best Is Yet To Come (Seniors)


This tract is especially for our senior citizens. It will be an encouragement to those who know the Lord and an appeal to those who do not. Extra large print makes this tract easy to read.


The Great Pretender


While none of us can know someone's heart, it is certain that there are many in our churches who pretend to be Christians. The Great Pretender is perfect for reaching those who are playing this deadly game.


I Did It, And You Can Do It Too! (Kids)


Erica just asked Jesus to save her and is so excited that she wants her friend Kristen to be saved too. Kristen isn't very receptive at first, but it doesn't take Erica long to show her that she needs Jesus.


Messiah, What Every Hebrew Should Know


A number of Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah are shown to have been fulfilled in the New Testament by Jesus Christ. Jews must see that Christ is their Messiah in order to be saved. The word Messiah is written in Hebrew on the front.


The Greatest Love Of All


All that God has done for us is motivated by His love for mankind. Everyone needs to know that God loves them in spite of everything they have done. There is no sin so great that God will not forgive.


If Not Today, When?


Putting off salvation is a dangerous game which many lose. In Acts chapter 24, the Roman governor Felix made this mistake.


Things You May Not Know About COVID-19


Sin has been passed down from Adam to every human and is far worse than the COVID-19 virus! This is a great salvation tract for this time in which we live.


Are You 100% Sure?


This is definitely our most popular tract. God's plan of salvation is presented as clearly and concise as it can be, using lots of Scripture.


You Have An Appointment


We all have appointments that we can postpone or cancel, but there is one appointment that we cannot cancel and that is our appointment with God.


Two Great Signs


Recent events have opened a door of opportunity to reach the lost. This tract focuses on two of the signs pointing to the return of Jesus Christ to the Earth; pestilences and earthquakes.


Grief, Why Is This Happening To Me?


All of us, at one time or another, have wondered why certain things happen to us or someone we know. Some even blame God and this becomes a stumbling block in their spiritual life. To the believer and unbeliever, this tract has a message of healing.


What Do I Have To Lose? (Gambling)


This is a tract that exposes the dangers of gambling, in all of it's forms. This tract is not for everyone, but even those who buy a lottery ticket need to be warned of the dangers of gambling.


Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Christians?


Of the many cults around the world that seek to deceive their followers into believing false doctrine, the JWs are at the top of the list. They are in most countries and everyone needs to be warned.


Are Mormons Christians?


Most people have no idea what the Mormons teach, and some of it is so outrageous that they keep it well hidden until their members are well indoctrinated. They are gaining more acceptability in recent years, but make no mistake, they are a cult!


Wonderful Truths From The Holy Bible For Our Catholic Friends


We have no desire to be rude to Catholics no matter how strongly we feel their doctrine is in error. This tract is not filled with insults as some ant-Catholic material is, but clearly points out the error of Catholicism, especially regarding salvation.


The Gay Way (Homosexuality)


To believe that a homosexual is a reprobate and cannot be saved is treading into an area only God can go. We have no way of knowing who is and who is not, so it is our responsibility to preach repentance to them and this tract does just that!


There’s Gotta Be More Than This! (Teenagers)


Everyone in her high school class can see the change in Emily since she received Christ, but her classmate Zane hates school and wants her to go party. She explains salvation to him but he's not ready. She hopes he doesn't wait until it's too late.


The Heart Of Christmas


What has happened to this holiday we all love so dearly? Christmas has become a trap of commercialism and Christ can scarcely be found. This tract is a call for us to return to the heart of Christmas, which is the salvation Jesus came to bring.


Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?


Blaming God for all the evil and suffering in the world is an excuse so often used, to justify the rejection of Him. This tract takes away that excuse and confronts the reader with a decision to make.


What Does The Future Hold? (Earth’s Coming Judgment)


The Bible tells us of some very important events which will take place in the future, beginning with the Rapture of the church.This will unleash a series of catastrophic judgments upon the Earth and all who remain, culminating with the return of Christ.


Where Can I Find Peace? (For Muslims)


It is unreasonable to expect a devout Muslim to suddenly decide to convert to Christianity after reading a short gospel tract therefore, it’s approach is to plant a seed of doubt by pointing out a glaring inconsistency in the theology of Islam.


Who Is Jesus?


The identity of Jesus is the single greatest truth that you can know. Your eternal destiny depends upon it. The deity of Jesus Christ is what separates the true believers from the many antichrists that are in the world.


Pregnant And Don't Know What To Do?


How did we get to the point where laws are being passed that would allow a baby to be delivered and then left on a table to die? Those who are pregnant have a choice to make and this tract pleads with them to choose life!


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